Frequently Asked Questions

A question from one can be an answer for all.

AlterCall is a spiritual organization that is non-denominational. We welcome members of all faiths, practices, and beliefs. Ryan has studied with monks, rabbis, popes, Native American leaders, shamans, and others and the philosophies that inform our work is influenced by all. As long as you believe in a higher power of some kind, you have a home here.

Spiritual entrepreneurs are business professionals who prioritize spirituality and spiritual values in their professional identity and management philosophies as a means of elevating impact.
Mindset is more important than money to us, so as long as you are open-minded and open-hearted, money will not prevent you from joining the AlterCall movement. We have free content libraries as well as paid programs that run from $14.99/mo to $250,000. It is our intention to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to go.
You will learn to embody the spiritual entrepreneur through teachings on everything from self-awareness to business mastery, guided by a diverse set of therapists, coaches, spiritual leaders, and business experts in various fields. We start from within, facilitating personal development and spiritual connection/reconnection to help root you in your purpose. This serves as a primer to trainings in business tactics and strategy that will elevate your business prowess to levels potentially unaccessible to you before and scale your business through a whole new lens.
The best entrepreneurs in the world dedicate 1-2 hours per day to personal development. Our more comprehensive programs - Advocate Accelerator and Private Client Mastermind - requires 4-6 hours per week in order for you to receive the full value. For those with less time, exploring our content libraries, joining the Spiritual Warrior Society are options that allow you to join the movement in your own time, at your own pace. We encourage you to speak to one of our coaches to help evaluate what might be best for you.
We work with a lot of successful business owners. We spend just as much time helping people get there. So long as you are hungry for growth, you’re in the right place.

Experience elements and gear is always provided by AlterCall: the food, the teachings, the yoga mats, the journals, etc. For the retreats, where lodging is covered, it will be specified. We do not cover the travel to and from the retreat destination (e.g. out of state airfare), however local transportation (airport pick-ups, transportation to and from retreat activities etc.) typically is provided. Details will always be specified on the relevant retreat pages.

If you aspire to create more scale and impact from your business, are intrigued by how the values of spiritual entrepreneurship can best get you there, and you show up with a growth mindset and an open heart, this has the potential to work for you at a whole new level.

We believe you are never too old to deepen your personal, spiritual, and professional development and expand your consciousness. Given the level of sophistication of the material, we welcome ages 21+."

Our members span the gamut of industries. Self-mastery will accelerate your growth no matter your field.

Firstly, you are being trained by the best: Ryan Blair is among the entrepreneurial greats, having generated over $2 Billion in sales, facilitated a 792M exit; become a NY Times Best Selling Author and EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Since we launched AlterCall in 2019 and put spiritual entrepreneurship to the test, we have seen clients go from broke to over 175M in sales; grow small mom-and-pop businesses into ones with 8-figure valuations; and, most profoundly, find their purpose. The possibilities are endless when you find alignment.