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VIP Event Dates: May 11th - 15th

Event Location: Mount Shasta, California

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: The first 10 registrants will recieve $2,500 OFF!

Awaken & Align Your Spirituality At One of The World's Most Sought After Spiritual Destinations!

Mount Shasta is an international sensation and one of the world's leading spiritual destinations. This volcano has been called a portal between the inner and outer world.

The transcendental energy that resides at this mountain is what makes it renowned as one of the primary spiritual destinations in the world.

Home of many deep rooted Native American Traditions, Mount Shasta is said to have strong metaphysical powers and is famous for the spiritual revelations and transformations that occur when visiting its footsteps.

This mountain has been the home of 9 Native American tribes for over 7,000 years. The spiritual traditions from the Indigenous people that inhabit this land are still very alive today. 

During our retreat, we will practice the spiritual traditions of the Indigenous Tribes to harness the mystical energy at Mount Shasta. This exclusive event is a once in a lifetime opportunity to awaken your spirituality at one of the most sought-after spiritual destinations in the world!

Here's what to expect on this epic adventure:

Food is also included in your ticket – We have a chef that will cook up delicious meals and provide for everyone during the entire stay.



  • Native American tribes believe Mount Shasta is the sacred center of the universe and talk of the mountain housing their creator.

  • Mount Shasta is an ice capped volcano that has drawn in spiritual seekers for decades.

  • In 1971, a Buddhist monastery was founded on Mount Shasta.

  • The Shastan religion was centered on guardian spirits and shamanism.

  • Mount Shasta is the 46th highest mountain in the United States.

  • Mount Shasta has an elevation of 14,179 Ft.



A high altitude brings with it beautiful scenery and what feels like thinner air. We will be diving deep into mediation sessions lead by Ryan Blair utilizing sacred breathwork techniques passed along from many generations. You will activate your souls greatest potential and learn ancient healing tactics. 

Mount Shasta

"As lone as God, and white as a winter moon, Mount Shasta starts up sudden and solitary from the heart of the great black forests of Northern California." - Joaquin Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The health and safety of our community is our top priority during these times. With that being said, we’re following the COVID-19 Safety Standards.

Yes. Cabins will be made available for sleeping arrangements along with all bedding.

Yes, there is wifi available on the campsite. You can bring your phone, however usage will be kept at a minimum to ensure full engagement in the experience. Signal may also be limited, please make sure to bring your own chargers as well.

Yes! Food is also included in your ticket. We have a chef that will cook up delicious meals and provide for everyone during the entire stay.

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Mount Shasta, CALIFORNIA

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