The Seeker

Something has had your attention lately. Do you feel it?

There’s an uncomfortable gap between where you are and where you want to be. It can feel overwhelming at times. It’s not that you’re never happy or don’t have anything to be grateful for — because you do, and you are! But for some reason you can’t always feel the happiness that other people seem to experience.

But as a seeker, you’re determined. After all, you’re here reading this, right?! You know that you’re not ever going to turn your back on your dreams, no matter how hard it gets. It’s just that sometimes you just don’t know which way to go. But then that spark of hope returns. And you re-commit.

You read that article, you take that cool new personality test, you get all this interesting information, yet life doesn’t seem to change all that much. Does that seem like you? If so speak with one of our AlterCall Certified Facilitators to break through to the next level.