Celebrate & Reward yourself for completing the spiritual warrior challenge!

Join us July 14-18th, in Los Angeles!



Come celebrate with others that completed The Spiritual Warrior Challenge.

Celebrate with the other challenge champions! Together, we'll celebrate the victory of completing our 10-day mind and body transformation. We'll celebrate what has been accomplished so far before moving on to new challenges in order to realize even greater transformations.

Beach experience

If you're looking to kickback and relax, look no further than a California beach experience.

Watch the sunset before heading back to your hotel or experience the sand between your toes while walking on the beach and hearing waves throughout evening hours; there's nothing like it!


Look forward to a relaxing day by the water when you join us for Yoga on the beach!

If you need an escape from the busy city life, this is it.

Spend your day outside, surrounded by nature, as you relax with our guided yoga sessions that will help calm both body and mind while providing some fresh air too.

Breathwork Sessions

Get your mind and body in alignment with breathwork.

Enjoy breathwork sessions led by instructors who guide you through breathing exercises which will help get rid of any stressors from home or work.

You'll learn how good deep breaths can: reduce inflammation; alkalize blood PH levels; increase oxygen intake into cells where we need them most while releasing toxins more efficiently out – making us healthier and happier!

Meditation Sessions

Relax and unwind during the retreat with deep meditation sessions. 

Guided by the AlterCall team, you will take a deep journey within to tap into your highest self.

Experience guided meditation sessions with other like-minded Spiritual warriors during your stay.

Friendly Challenges

We'll host fun and friendly challenges for everyone during the event.

There are great prizes to be won, but most importantly this is an opportunity to challenge yourself in new ways!

Celebrate Champions

Now that you've made it this far, why not get your Spiritual Warrior award too? You deserve it after all.

Together, we'll celebrate the victory of completing the 10-day challenge and upgrading our mind, body, soul, and role.

We'll also be giving away prizes and awards to those who attend during our Spiritual Warrior Awards Ceremony!

Spots are limited!

Our previous event sold out, we expect this event to sell out also!

To make sure you're having the most enjoyable time, we've limited how many people can attend this event. That way it'll be intimate and safe for everyone involved! That's why we're limiting tickets to only 50 Spiritual Warriors.

Please join our waiting list, and we'll be in touch with you.

Don’t Wait, Get On The Waiting List

Join the AlterCall community of Spiritual Warriors for our retreat to relax, unwind and find peace within yourself.

Got Questions?

The Spiritual Warrior retreat will be held in Los Angeles. Specific location details will be provided before the event and we'll help provide you with recommended hotel options.

The retreat will be held from July 16th-18th. If you sign up for the V.I.P ticket option you will be able to join us from July 14th-18th for our special V.I.P days.

If you sign up for the V.I.P ticket option you will be able to join us from July 14th-18th for our special V.I.P only days. We'll have special activities for V.I.P's only.

We suggest flying into LAX to attend the event to be close to the hotel.

We are hosting the event at a beautiful hotel in Los Angeles. We will provide you with hotel and stay options for the event by phone.

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