About Your Instructor

My name is Ryan Blair. I've been in your shoes. Like you, I struggled to fuse business with spirituality. Even though my company was growing, I felt spiritually bankrupt. I tried to lead my companies without spirituality, and they felt more like jobs. I hated it. Business doesn't feed the spirit. So, I went on a mission to find the principles that would help me grow my business WITHOUT sacrificing my soul. Here's a few things I was able to accomplish after discovering these principles:

More importantly, I get to be a present father for my son and wake up to do what I love each day, while making an impact on others.

Business owners are being fed the wrong information.

Spiritual entrepreneurs specifically, feel more stressed, depressed, and uncertain than ever before about how to grow a business without selling their soul to do it.

I am on a mission to guide spiritual entrepreneurs & leaders to leverage their business as a vehicle for impact & purpose.

That's why I've created AlterCall and I am giving you all of my principles 100% free today to expand my impact through your impact.


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