Open Forum
Small Group

An interactive group for individuals to practice their business pitch in front of a live virtual audience.

PITCH FEST Small Group?

This forum serves as a virtual live “pitch tank” for individuals to practice presenting their business elevator pitch and/or pitchdeck to Ryan Blair and other members of the group.

A powerful elevator pitch helps you communicate the value proposition of your business clearly and concisely to prospective investors, partners, and customers. A powerful pitch deck helpsp tell your story, your vision and mission in a clear and concise way that helps secure capital from investors.

This group provides an exclusive opportunity for you to pitch to Ryan, Cam, and all the members of the group, and receive world-class feedback on your deck’s graphics, flow and your overall presentation, all while having fun!

GAIN FROM OUR Open Forum Small Group

Improve your public speaking skills in a VIRTUAL setting

Maximize your potential & Build self-confidence

PRACTICE IN A supportive environment

Are You Ready to Join?

Altercall's Open Forum is lead by Robyn Riedlinger

Robyn has received coaching from public speaker, Peter George, who has over 35 years of public speaking experience and over 17 years coaching the skill. One of her main reasons for joining AlterCall is to develop her public speaking skills. Ryan is an influential speaker and has inspired Robyn in many ways. One of which is to start a focus group that helps advocates develop their speaking skills by speaking on topics of their interest and providing coaching along the way.

Robyn Riedlinger is the Founder and Community Director of Charlotte Girls Who Walk and Co-chair of the Business Women’s Network at Duke Energy where she plans, organizes, and speaks at weekly, monthly, and quarterly events. Her primary role in corporate is Senior Process Analyst, where she facilitates large scale workshops to capture current state operations to achieve ideal state operations. During her facilitations she interviews subject matter exerts to uncover their expertise and develop process maps and workflows.

Open Forum
Small Group

A virtual stage for individuals to speak on topics of their interest and develop their public speaking skills.