Joshua Tree Experience

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April 16th - 18th

Joshua Tree National Park, Mount San Jacinto State Park

Escape from the daily noise

Sometimes we need to just get away and escape.

This can be hard to do while chasing kids around the house, answering work emails, or attending zoom meetings.

There's very little time left for YOU.

We need to give our mind, body, and soul time to recover.

This is the only way for you to reconnect with your inner source.

Instead, most of us are living life at full throttle only stopping to eat and sleep (And even those things we don't get to enjoy much anymore).

Reconnect & re-ignite your soul

This is the chance for you to disconnect from your day-to-day, so you can reconnect with yourself again. Escape the daily grind and give yourself the break you deserve, while enjoying a getaway under the night sky.

Join us for 2 days and nights of discovery, connection, and adventure

April 16th - 18th

If you decide to join us, you'll be invited to our private campsite at the amazing Joshua Tree National Park.

Join other amazing people on a mission to reconnect with their passion, purpose, and power.

Together we'll share stories, go on hikes, eat, be merry, and more!

We'll dive deep into meditation and powerful transformation sessions as well.

There will be guided sessions by Ryan Blair and the AlterCall team of facilitators.

Here's what to expect:

After our 2 days together, you'll walk away feeling refreshed and reenergized with the tools you need to elevate your life.

Food is also included in your ticket – We have a chef that will cook up delicious meals and provide for everyone during the entire stay.

Pause and find yourself again

So there comes a time when you need to hit pause and find yourself again. Rediscover who YOU are, so you can tap into that energy and be your best self. You deserve it, and the world deserves it.

Only 50 Tickets Available

Since this event will be hosted in a private campsite, we are limiting how many can attend. This way we can keep things private, safe, and enjoyable for you everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The health and safety of our community is our top priority during the novel coronavirus outbreak. With that, we’re following the COVID-19 Safety Standards in the park area.

Yes, there are tents available at the campsite for you to sleep in. You will need to bring your own sleeping arrangements such as a pillow or sleeping bag.

No, there is no wifi available on the campsite. You can still bring your phone but the signal may be limited. Make sure to bring your own chargers as well.

Yes! Food is also included in your ticket. We have a chef that will cook up delicious meals and provide for everyone during the entire stay.

Joshua Tree Experience

Limited Tickets Available

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