Our Mission

Equipping high performing leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools required to thrive in all elements of life.

We are the leaders, the doers, the entrepreneurs, and believers. We are fiercely committed to living a life of service. Our success is measured by the impact we make. We realize that the old entrepreneurial way of burning the candle at both ends has failed. We don’t believe you need a “happy hour” to be a happy entrepreneur.

We are uncompromising. We stand for making an impact without sacrificing our health, our time with loved ones, or our mental well-being. We don’t need to power up with alcohol or Adderall. Our energy is sacred and we have an unlimited spring of it flowing through us. We don’t feel guilty for resting or playing. Instead, we value an optimized and healthy existence. The AlterCall way.

We aren’t driven by power, fame, or money. We are driven by deep purpose and a calling placed on our hearts. We are driven to answer the call. We are driven by destiny! Deep, meaningful service will always be the cornerstone of our foundation. This is the new way of entrepreneurship.


What is AlterCall's Spiritual Belief?

AlterCall was founded by two devoted Christians who saw an opportunity to unite all faiths toward the singular purpose of spreading compassion through entrepreneurship. As Jesus would. While our founders are Christian, AlterCall is a multi-faith spiritual community filled with members from all backgrounds and faiths. It is this diversity that makes AlterCall a global family effecting change in hundreds of industries at scale.

Call to Change

Call to Change is the story of an entrepreneur who lost it all, turned his life over to God and found himself by building a company to serve others. Witness Entrepreneur Ryan Blair Transform his entire life by helping others transform.

Meet The AlterCall Facilitators

Ryan Blair

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Blair is a serial entrepreneur who survived the 2008 financial crisis when the world was in chaos. He turned his company around from $6 million in debt and facing bankruptcy to the fastest-growing company on the NYSE with over $630 million in revenue.

After hitting rock-bottom several times and discovering his life purpose (other than being great dad), he created the AlterCall movement, which is on a mission to help millions of people alter their lives to become the greatest leaders and human beings possible so we can change the world.

Bryan Ferrari


Bryan is a serial entrepreneur, spiritual leader, coach for the sales team, and the Co-Founder of the AlterCall movement.

Tara Daylami

Licensed Mental Health Clinician

Tara Daylami is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist by training. She got her Bachelors in Political Economy from Pitzer College, and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from USC in 2005.

Over the last 16 years, Tara has worked everywhere from community mental health clinics and psychiatric wards to high-end residential facilities with professionals athletes and celebrities.

She also has an extensive research background, including in the field of addiction, and has worked on NIH funded studies, and as part of research teams at both USC and UCLA.

Dianne Krager Godel

Customer Success & Accountability Coach

Dianne left her job in Corporate America for a fresh start where she can impact as many lives as possible. She leads customer success and ensures the community has all the support they need in order to transform their lives

Cesar Figueroa

Mind, Body & Wellness Coach

Cesar has been working with many individuals with different backgrounds and health goals for over a decade. After overcoming many health challenges and completely transforming his life, he dedicated his work and passion to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

Meet The Operational Team

Jordan Armstrong

Oversees operations, systems, staffing, and automation

Brian Vixchy

Creative Director, leads set design and video production

Derek Anderson

Leads the design of our products, courses, and print

Idin Goli

Leads research & development. Serial entrepreneur in emotion recognition & artificial intelligence since 2013

Raul Ballesteros

Social Media Manager

Alex Hinkle

Operations & Automations expert

Donovan Heard

Enrollment Specialist

Marissa Patterson

Video & Audio Editor

Reise Huard

Enrollment Specialist

Adam Chapa

Enrollment Specialist

Erick Ruiz

Enrollment Specialist

Stefan Street

Enrollment Specialist

Jonathan Rosen

Enrollment Specialist

Nicole Campana

Website Designer, Graphics, & Content Creator

Cameron Flett

Strategic Designer & Branding

Sahara Lequang

Client Success

Michael reyes

Social Media & Design Assistant

Jackie Minsky

PR, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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