2022 leadership summit
hollywood hills, california

Event Details:

Only 7 Tickets Left!

Event Dates: January 14th - 16th

Event Location:
Ryan Blair's Home in Los Angeles, CA

Discover & Ignite

Unlock the next level leader inside of you.

Start your year with the intention
to become the best leader you can be!

With 2021 being a year of adjustment and uncertainty, you may not have been able to make the impact you desired to make. So the question is…

What is your plan for ensuring 2022 is the most powerful, impactful and purpose-driven year of your entire life?

The only way to reclaim control over the outcome of your life is to cultivate the skills of Leadership.

We are ALL called to be a leader. For our business. Our team. Our families. Ourselves.

Most entrepreneurs are driven to serve at a higher level but are afraid of what it takes to actually grow to the level of impact and service they know they are capable of.

If you are like most heart-centered entrepreneurs, you know what it feels like to have a vision inside of you that can truly help people. But, most of us struggle to cultivate the confidence and leadership skills required to bring that vision into fruition.

Make 2022 the year that will transform you into the powerful leader that is equipped to bring that vision in your heart to the world.

Here's what to expect:

Also included in the trip is:

Food is also included in your ticket – Enjoy incredible plant based meals to transform your mind and body to that of a high performing leader.

Only 7 Tickets Left!

Since this event will be hosted in a private residence, we are limiting how many can attend. This way we can keep things private, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The health and safety of our community is our top priority during these times. We will be sure to follow the COVID-19 Safety Standards. Individuals are encouraged to wear a mask if that makes them feel more comfortable. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and encourage social distancing.

Lodging accommodations are not included in the ticket purchase for this event. Hotel recommendations are provided but an individual may stay any place they choose. We do provide transportation to and from the event with pick up and drop off at a designated hotel.

There will be internet, but phone usage during the event is discouraged. We want to make sure you get the most out of the event which will require your full engagement. We also want to create an environment where deep healing work and expansion can take place for yourself and others which will require minimal disruptions and distractions.

Yes! Food is also included in your ticket. We have a chef that will cook delicious plant-based meals during the event.

2022 leadership summit
hollywood hills, california

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