We are here to help ALTER our client's lives and elevate them into answering their calling!

We do that by marrying spirituality with leadership so that you can LEAD your company, family,
and community into having more fulfillment.

I look forward to hearing about how we can help you create the life you truly want. Make my team, your team, so we can ALL support you on this journey and transformation.

Ryan Blair

Hindsight is 20/20, Ryan and his team teach from KNOWING not Knowledge.

the 4 AREAS WE will help you accomplish your goals in!



Peak Performance in Business

Self mastery

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Step 1: Who is Ryan Blair

"Since joining AlterCall I've noticed that I'm more grounded, especially in situations where I would normally get upset. As I learned to build the courage to let things go, I started to realize that the outcomes tend to always work out in my favor."

- Ashley Ross, Entrepreneur

"I believe Ryan Blair is one of the greatest mentors of the modern era and through AlterCall will go down as one of the greatest mentors in history. It's not because of his business experience or extrodinary accolades but because of his heart and how deeply he cares about the people he loves."

- Gerard Adams, Founder of Elite Daily

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Step 2: Why Alter Call

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Step 3: See What Others Are Saying

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Step 4: Experience Ryan’s Hand Picked Proven Team

Jordan Armstrong

Jordan Armstrong has operated 7 and 8-figure businesses in various verticals, including marketing, coaching, and staffing and more. The systems he and his team implemented contributed to growth rates of up to 1000%. With a background in both marketing and operations, Jordan helps companies scale through process optimization and automation. He has developed efficiency in day-to-day execution so that entrepreneurs can focus on their vision. Jordan dreams of helping 1000’s of mission-driven leaders throughout the world achieve this same through AlterCall.

Sonya Lee

Over the course of two decades in the software industry, Sonya Lee has synthesized a suite of strategies for harnessing the power of Customer & Employee Experience through kindness, empathy, and compassion to help organizations thrive from the inside out. She has advised startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises such as Disney, Warner Bros., Cisco, eBay, Adobe, AT&T and more on marketing innovation and digital transformations. A third-generation meditation teacher, Sonya taught her first meditation class at 6 years old and is deeply rooted in energy healing modalities.

Dr. Esma Mansouri

Dr. Esma Mansouri is a machine-learning and deep-learning researcher with a proven track record in creating novel models and applying cutting-edge technologies to solve problems. She solves real-world problems in industry and academia by applying machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). With a great interest in neuroscience, cognitive science, and affective computing, Dr. Esma is developing AlterCall's wearable technology that will help individuals reduce anxiety, develop resilience, and self-trust, to achieve their highest potential.

Tara Daylami

Tara Daylami is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist by training. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Political Economy from Pitzer College, and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from USC. Over the last 16 years, Tara has worked everywhere from community mental health clinics and psychiatric wards to high-end residential facilities with professionals, athletes and celebrities. She also has an extensive research background, including in the field of addiction, and has worked on NIH funded studies, and as part of research teams at both USC and UCLA.

Bryan Ferrari

Bryan Ferrari has been mentored by some of the world’s greatest businessmen such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Gerard Adams, Tom Ferry, and Brad Lea. With an uncanny ability to recognize and solve business gaps, Bryan has successfully launched his own businesses and generated millions in revenue. After a series of divine encounters, Bryan connected with Ryan and became the first hire and Co-Founder of AlterCall. An authority in sales and marketing, he has guided the transformation of hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.

RJ Barros

A humble entrepreneur, RJ was able to turn his company around from near bankruptcy to thriving at $67M in revenue with the guidance and mentorship of Ryan Blair. With a background in sales, operations, and leadership, RJ has spoken on stages around the world to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. In doing so, he helped them achieve their business dreams and create alignment in their purpose and passion. An advisor and business mentor with AlterCall, he works with entrepreneurs in multiple industries to help them achieve similar results, using proven methods.

“I’ve known Ryan for quite some time, but I had no idea what it took for him to become the rockstar that he is. Whether you’re at the bottom or on your journey to the top, Ryan Blair’s been there and can show you the way.”


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Step 5: Connect With Ryan’s Journey AFTER All His Success.
Understand Why He Started Alter Call