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Spiritual Warrior Challenge
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Ready to upgrade your mind, body, and soul in this 10 day challenge so you can answer your calling and reach new levels in your role? Sign up below to join and get instant access to our training course, Spiritual Warrior daily Journal, Guided Videos, and community all for FREE!

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10-Day Challenge Daily Checklist

There is NO cost to join this challenge. It is 100% free to join and participate. The only true cost is what happens if you continue on the same path you are on now. Waking up every day without joy, passion, or purpose.

Are You Up For the challenge?

This challenge is going to shift you. 

We've combined our best modalities for you to experience change. 

Learn to command your mind, body, and soul over 10 days with us. All so that you can become a Spiritual Warrior, and help others do the same.

We're challenging you to become a warrior…a Spiritual Warrior is committed, even when faced with obstacles or challenges. We expect you to do the same.

A lot of people claim to be committed on social media, but then they neglect their responsibilities in real life.

A lot of people can work hard for small periods of time, but in the long run they lose drive and focus then retreat back to mediocrity.

A lot of people pass judgement when others don't align their actions with their goals, but then they don't hold themselves accountable to the same thing.

At AlterCall, our leaders are committed to helping people alter their Minds, Body, and Souls. And we will be leading with you throughout this entire challenge.

We're challenging you to become the ultimate Spiritual Warrior to help ignite a new level of leadership in humanity.

We want to see Spiritual Warriors in business, entertainment, churches, schools, hospitals, and more using discipline, courage, and openness to Love and serve others unconditionally.

Become A

Spiritual Warrior

A Spiritual Warrior sees challenges as opportunities to grow in the mind, body, and soul.

When you become a Spiritual Warrior, you will integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

To be clear, this challenge is not going to magically remove the resistance and obstacles in your life; instead you will develop trust in yourself to overcome the challenges and deepen your connection to God for when you need guidance. 

You will begin to walk the path to liberate yourself from fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

This IS NOT for you if:

This IS for you if:

Results Of The

Spiritual Warrior Way




for 10 full days

Commit To Yourself

Also During these 10 days on your challenge you must avoid drugs, alcohol, porn, and at least 1 personal spiritual block of your choiceThis can be anything you want like food, Netflix, video games, caffeine, meat, sugar, carbs, or anything you want to restrict.

Avoid These Spiritual Blocks

*Drugs prescribed by your doctor are ok, this only applies to other substances.

How I Unblocked

And Reconnected

After years of struggling, I finally discovered the root cause of feeling stuck and disconnected…

I was blocked by my own vices.

These vices were the unnecessary “stuff” I was adding to my life to feel better about myself.

Instead, it was actually holding me back. 

This led me to do more stuff that brought me shame, guilt, and remorse like drinking, drugs, binge eating, and more.

My vices built up into spiritual blocks that disconnected me from the source of my power, purpose, joy, and my connection to God.

Once I realized this, I knew I had to challenge myself and work on removing these blocks so that I could reconnect with my true self.

I went on a journey to grow my spiritual connection by challenging myself and improving my discipline.

As soon as I tapped into this power again I started to feel amazing. I no longer felt empty and broken. I no longer had to try and fill a void.

Instead, I was overflowing and able to give and serve more from a place of wholeness.

The best part about it was that I actually learned to enjoy the activities other people viewed as “hard” 

I was completely aligned in mind, body, and soul.

Go to battle With US!

Ryan Blair

Founder, Lead Facilitator, Coach

I've been called to reinvent myself to move closer to my life purpose on more than one occasion. If you know my story, you know I started with nothing. 

My father left me, my mother was addicted to substance, and I turned to the streets at a young age. After facing incarceration a made the decision to go to war with my demons and turned my life around. 

After selling ViSalus for $792.4 Million in 2012, I had a a dark night of the soul that brought my world crashing down around me. My mother and best friend passed away, my family was in shambles, and I thought I was broken. 

God sent mentors my way and I decided then to devote my life to being of service to others in finding their purpose and committing to realizing it. 

That is why I choose to walk The Way of the Spiritual Warrior. 

Jordan Armstrong

Lead Facilitator, Coach

Up until the age of 25 I was wasting my potential, living with little self awareness and always looking forward to the weekends when I could numb myself with substances.

Then  25 I found out my father had cancer (he's since beat it). I have three younger brothers that my dad was worried about taking care of and I felt like a failure because I could not even afford to fly back to visit my family at this time.

I was in tears as I wrote myself a letter that night that I would do whatever it took to change my life so that I could be a better example for my siblings and be able to better support my family.

I decided to focus all of my efforts on becoming an entrepreneur. 

I spent years taking two steps forward and one step back, unable to create real momentum. 

After investing $100,000+ into my personal development and working with mentors such as Ryan Blair, I recognized that what really was holding me back was my lack of spiritual discipline – meaning I would often do things outside of true alignment in order to get instant gratification.
When I stopped this, everything changed.

This is why I choose to walk The Spiritual Warrior Way.



Our Guarantee

If you're able to complete this 10-Day challenge, WE GUARANTEE you feel a deeper sense of purpose, a deeper connection to your higher self, and momentum on your journey of growth.

Join The Movement

Join this challenge and level up as a Spiritual Warrior!

You won’t be alone.

I'll be there with you along with the AlterCall team & community. We plan to live this lifestyle and go through the challenge with you! 

You will get support from other community members on the Spiritual Warrior challenge and have access to our chat group to keep updated and be held accountable.

Challenge Yourself For 10 Days In A Row!

If you want to alter and elevate your life, I am challenging you to become a Spiritual Warrior.

In order to complete the spiritual warrior challenge, you must complete the following for a minimum of 10-days in a row.

As a Spiritual Warrior, you will team up with us and other community members to overcome your spiritual blocks and deepen your sours connection to source.

This will lead to higher levels of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Check Out These Amazing

Transformations & Experiences

“I am a new man, a better man, living my soul's purpose.”

“Amen! Ryan, I cannot fully express what AlterCall and you mean to me. Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life. I questioned my purpose in life and my reason for being. I came across the sign up for AlterCall Transformation Day and signed up to go. I had no idea what I was getting myself into or better said what I was going to get myself out of. Through this movement I have found my purpose, self-love, breaking old destructive habits and addictions, I have the tools to face situations in life good or bad that I never knew existed. I am a new man, a better man, living my soul's purpose. I cannot thank you and the AlterCall family enough. Love you, my brother, thank you for answering the call and paving the way for so many of us that felt broken and in need of healing. We are going to change the world together!”

Luis Valdovinos, Business Owner & Executive Chef

“I've gained behind the scenes insight into 9-figure business strategies”

“Ryan Blair is the REAL deal. From my brief time in AlterCall, I've gained behind the scenes insight into 9-figure business strategies that you won't find in 99.9% of the “gurus” out there. Thank you, Ryan!”

Daniel Pope, Investor & Marketer

“This is what people need.”

“This is what people need. Wait till they discover what's inside of themselves waiting to be revealed.”

Diane Maietta, Poet and Writer.​

What Member's Are Saying About

The AlterCall Community

“I felt right at home with you all.”

“It was a lovely experience and I was blessed to attend it. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you and your story. Very relatable and inspiring. The thing I appreciated the most was the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood, being together with like-minded and like-spirited people who are all on this healing and growth journey. I find it difficult to relate to surface-level thinking and feeling individuals, and sometimes don't feel like I fit in. It was great to spend the day with fellow “deep divers”. I felt right at home with you all.

May God continue to bless you, your team, and your mission. It is an important one.”

Elizabeth Benson

“I got so much from your breathing exercise and meditation”

What a great day! Ryan – there are no words to express how truly amazing and inspirational you are.

I got so much from your breathing exercise and meditation (the tears came flowing) and both Bryan and Pharaoh gave great information,
I love the Mind Body Soul Role (many notes were taken!) and am very interested in the 90 day challenge.

I hope to continue with you guys in some way. It was the best afternoon – very cleansing, insightful, real, genuine and heartfelt.

I Look forward to continuing the morning meditations.”

Danni Bell

“I am incredibly indebted to you.”

“The more I listen to your morning meditation, the clearer I become that I need to do the inner work in order to lead a happier life. I am incredibly indebted to you. I wish you success in helping so many people.”

Tahereh Daylami

“I feel this is very beneficial to my life and helping a lot”

“Thank you for inviting me to AlterCall.

I feel this is very beneficial to my life and helping a lot, I need a bit of a helping hand so this is great.”

Mary Emmanuelle

“I am growing little by little and day.”

“I really appreciate it! I am doing my best! I am growing little by little and day. It was really great experience for me. A big thank you! And I am really grateful for that!”


“AlterCall supported me from the beginning of COVID, Meditate EVERYDAY helps me to focus toward my mission in life.”

“My mission in life is to keep my business my little school Montessori open for the future generation. Meditate with love that keeps me going to do what I love the most, prepare a beautiful environment for the children to grow with awareness, joy…. and prepare strong children to face obstacles in life. Meditation realigns me to keep loving life and do the best I love to do. AlterCall came to my routine of life just on time for me to find strength, hope and a feeling of dignity.”

Nathalie Gagnon

“I’m entering into a new life based on my gifts and talents.”

“After attending 3 Transformation Days I really dived deep into my life with my husband and his death. I’m entering into a new life based on my gifts and talents. Also I am encountering a lot about health and improving it. Thank you for being such mentor and friend. I have to think more about these discoveries I’ve made this morning. Thank you for the Transformation Days and helping my life flow! God bless you and the team!”

Love and light sending your way,

Sherry K Johnston

Don’t Wait, Join Us Now!

If you’re finally ready to unblock your spiritual connection so you can become a Spiritual Warrior, then join us on challenge now.

Any Questions?

This is not a fitness challenge. This is a challenge to upgrade your mind, body, and soul so that you can answer your calling and fulfill your role to the highest level. Completing the challenge will improve all 3 areas to enhance and alter your life for the better.

To complete the challenge, you must complete the requirements for a minimum of 10 days. If you want to go beyond and challenge yourself further, you can complete the challenge more than once!

This challenge is based on the honor system. We won’t keep track of your progress or penalize you for not succeeding. You can also check in with us live on our daily meditations. We suggest keeping a journal or notebook to track each day you succeed. You can also use any notes app on your phone to track your daily progress.

We will have a community chat group available for all those who join the challenge. That way you can post updates, and have accountability from us and the AlterCall community.

Nope! It’s 100% free to join. We only ask that you fully commit to completing the challenge if you decide to join.

This can be anything you’ve wanted to quit for a while or feel is holding you back. Examples include: Netflix, video games, caffeine, meat, sugar, carbs, or anything you want to restrict. Choose one that matters to you.

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