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Breakthrough Coaching Certification Program

What is breakthrough coaching?

The breakthrough coaching framework is a surefire way to ensure your clients receive life altering breakthroughs from each call you have with them.

Have you ever found yourself racing to prepare for calls because you felt guilty for your lack of preparation for a coaching call?

Or maybe you don’t experience guilt from lack of preparation but you have a slight uneasiness and lump in your gut or chest because you’re not 100% confident you’ll be able to direct each call exactly where it needs to go?

Once you learn this framework, commit to it, and embody the breakthrough coach, you will never have to stress or worry about client results again.

You will effortlessly maintain frame and guide calls exactly where they need to go in order to impact your clients in the truest form.


Because true breakthrough coaching is not guesswork. Breakthrough coaching is not gimmicky or pressure-filled.

Breakthrough coaching is not even always agreeing with your clients or making them feel good.


True breakthrough coaching is a combination of both science and spirit – and that is what you will learn through this program.

What You’ll GetWhat You Won’t Get
Framework for getting clients rapid resultsGimmicky marketing tactics
Mindset tools specifically for coachesCookie Cutter Advice to “Work Harder”
Intimate identity work to remove your coaching blocksOver priced and ambiguous advice

Who is Tara Daylami?

If you’ve ever been to an AlterCall event, spoken to anyone within the AlterCall community, or are an AlterCall client, then our Lead Coach, Tara Daylami needs no introduction.

For those of you who are not as familiar with the AlterCall programs, Tara is an incredibly accomplished transformational coach and licensed psychotherapist.

She’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and other high profile clients using the exact frameworks she will be teaching you in this program.

She commands high hourly rates and retainers without any issues because she gets all of her clients rapid results through her breakthrough coaching method.

She’s built this method through her 19 year journey in the field of psychotherapy and coaching.

In the span of 5 weeks, Tara will be downloading the knowledge that took her over 19 years, 20,000 hours, and $500,000 to gain into you as a breakthrough coach so that you can grow and positively impact more lives.

What Will This Program Do For Me?

In this 5-Week intensive program, where you will receive unlimited access to Tara via Telegram and 90 minute training sessions every week, you will learn the breakthrough coaching framework which will allow you to do the following:

  • Get clients rapid results
  • How to combat generalities during coaching calls
  • How to meet people where they are and not try to alter their model of reality
  • How to go deeper faster
  • How to lead clients to their own insights
  • How to do the internal work as a coach to get the external results for your clients and business

With these lessons you will be able to get more results for all of your clients in less time.

You will be able to stress less and create more impact.

You will be able to have better relationships with clients, better conversations, and better quality of life as a coach.

What if I want to Coach with AlterCall?

Here at AlterCall we are building a world-class coaching roster that is led by Tara Daylami and Ryan Blair. The roster of coaches is also trained in the breakthrough coaching methods.

Once you receive your AlterCall Breakthrough Coaching Certification through this program, you will be eligible to apply to be an AlterCall Advocate Coach.

Not everyone who receives their certification will be called to lead hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs through the our movement and that’s ok.

Additionally, not everyone who applies will be accepted as an AlterCall coach, but it is required to get your certification in order for your application to be reviewed.

We take our client results very seriously and we know that the breakthrough coaching certification holders have the tools and the model to get their clients incredible results, so we look forward to fielding the applications of those who complete the program.

Work With Other World-Class Coaches

The AlterCall Breakthrough Coaching Certification Program is led by experts in their fields who have grown their own successful coaching practices and businesses.

You'll learn the strategies to build a thriving coaching practice you'll love waking up to each day!



You're already a coach who's looking to expand your practice, and willing to learn the AlterCall methods, modalities, and systems for growth.


You're a health or wellness practitioner, and you're looking to focus on healing your clients without the business hassles.


You're willing to learn and feel called for a bigger purpose to serve and help others improve their lives in mind, body, soul, and role.

AlterCall Breakthrough Coaching Certification Program

Spaces are limited!

We are limiting spaces to 10 people. This will ensure we can designate enough time and attention for you to learn all the modalities.

So if you want your Coaching Breakthrough Certification, apply now to secure your spot before we fill up!

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